24-Hour Crisis Hotline
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Forsyth Center


616 Colannade Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205


Phone: 704.273.3942
Fax: 704.749.3942


  • Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment
  • Mental Health Outpatient Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)
  • Psychiatric Services/Medical Management
  • Advanced Access/Walk-In Clinic
  • Mobile Crisis Management Services
  • Peer Support Services
  • Community Support Team
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy


Opening March 20, 2023!

Welcome to our BHUC Mecklenburg unit located in Charlotte. 

Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) provides an alternative to Emergency Room and Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization for  individuals who have a mental illness and/or substance use disorder. The unit is staffed 24-hours -a-day by nurses, licensed clinicians, and qualified professionals. The facility  has a 23-hour observation chair unit that will allow patients to stay up to 23 hours for observation, further assessment, and care management.

When To Come In

The BHUC is open 24/7/365. No appointment is needed and a person can walk in.  A person may be experiencing a crisis or need intervention to prevent a crisis.

What To Expect

Therapeutic interventions to assist the individual with coping and improving their functional skills to prevent hospitalization.
Therapeutic interventions are designed to support an individual remaining in the community and to effect symptom reduction, risk-of-harm reduction, and/or safe transition of persons in acute crises to appropriate crisis stabilization and detoxification services.
The person is  given an immediate evaluation and access to acute mental health, developmental disability and/or substance abuse services.
If needed, the person can stay up to 23 hours to ensure the immediate crisis is resolved or to be placed in a treatment facility if needed.

Where we're located