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Guilford Residential Center, owned by Guilford County, and operated by Daymark Recovery Services, Inc., provides a comprehensive array of services to adults, both men and women (Age 18+) coping with addiction and related disorders, providing both high and low intensity residential care and treatment. The Guilford Residential Center is a 24 hour, 365 day per year residential treatment facility for persons with substance abuse issues. The center hosts a 56 bed capacity where rooms are semi-private and the space is arranged in such a way as to maximize privacy while not interfering with needed supervision. A staffed full-service kitchen provides three nutritionally balanced meals (along with snacks) daily.  Staff is available around the clock and provide hourly checks on persons served at night.  Referrals are accepted from anyone and admission interviews occur daily, 8-5, Monday through Friday.

Program referrals can be made by contacting the facility at:

Guilford Residential Center

5209 West Wendover Ave.

High Point, North Carolina, 27265

or by phone at 336.899.1550

Currently, this facility does not offer detoxification services.

The sole purpose of Guilford Residential Center is to provide a supportive and safe environment in which persons suffering from drug and alcohol addiction may find sobriety.

Guilford Residential Center acknowledges that this takes time and as such anticipates a minimum stay of 30 days with the actual length of stay being determined by the persons served progress. During the persons served stay, they will have access to addiction education, an in-depth study of coping mechanisms, group therapy and individual sessions s needed. Family therapy is also available for involved families and significant others.

Guilford Residential Center will not refuse treatment to any Guilford County resident suffering from drug and alcohol addiction because of the inability to pay.

The singular goal of this program is to restore the persons served of this service to sobriety.  Further, the primary objectives of this program are to return persons served to a satisfying and productive lifestyle or if they have never experienced a life with turmoil and unhappiness to assist them in learning how to have a life free from addiction, abuse and dissatisfaction.  It is up to the person served to determine what they want from life and the staff will assist them in determining if it is reasonable and obtainable.